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giovedì 11 novembre 2010

A wedding in the country...

Emanuela and Gabriele want to celebrate their wedding 
in a truly romantic location in the country
and choosen this beautiful area in San Lazzaro, near Bologna.
Atmospherae provided a serene setting for this marriage,
get comfortable all guests... including children!
 Atmospherae knows that each couple is an unique couple
and knows how important is that your wedding reflect who you are.
 Everything is setting to give an atmosphere of traditional and elegance
Colours of table setting are in armony with the environment

...every dish is as beautiful as tasty...

...and guests like it!
The banquet ends with sweets
 and the traditional wedding cake decorate with sunflowers 
leitmotif of this special day
 Night has come
and the simple country wedding turns into an enchanting fairy tale
Best Wishes For The Couple
By Atmpspherae art catering 

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