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martedì 22 marzo 2011

Banqueting in fair for Nissan

For Nissan has been chosen a purple outfitting location, making extensive use of floral decorations such as red rosebuds in ampoules and glass goblets, reflecting the color of the table linens on which was served the refreshments

For the occasion, the staff of Atmospherae has decided to set up a table apart featured by samples of coffee of different quality and species, entering in the preparation a real coffee machine and beautyfing all with floreal decorations as in the banqueting

For the lunch menu were chosen dishes such as early like lasagnette alla bolognese and garganellini al torchio and ham, and salad with vegetablrs and Octopus, bresaola and grain, and much more, all accompanied by fine wines or nonalcoholic beverages

A sincere thanks to Nissan from Atmospherae catering for the fantastic day at the fair. By 6sensi events.

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