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lunedì 21 marzo 2011


For Cp3 catering of 6sensi chose something elegant and genuine at the same time, thinking of a white tablecloth, with a small candle centerpieces, accompanied by blue rose petals to invoke an intimate atmosphere

For the banqueting Atmospherae has served very rustic dishes, as platters of cold cuts, cheese mix served with breadsticks served in wicker baskets very simple. Also on the board, the staff of 6sensi has made use of a brown and white tablecloth, decorated with white candles that gave brightness to the location of refreshment

Obviously could not miss another table, which is themed, in which had been stored wines, sparkling wines and digestives of different type
A special thanks to Cp3 that made the buffet exclusive from all the team of Atmospherae catering by 6sensi.

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