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mercoledì 30 marzo 2011

Nunhems Dinner

An event set up outside and inside; for the outdoor refreshment were offered very simple appetizers like stuffed buns and sandwiches, wraps and spianatine, being able to choose to accompany all with wine or juice. In addition to banqueting, was also set up an additional table with fresh products Nunhems, fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes and melons

Regarding the Interior, the venue was staged in a fresh and genuine way, just like the Nunhems products, and for the tables has been used an orange tablecloth with the use of candles and trays of apples as centerpiece, a very particular idea, themed with the event

To conclude the interior of the banqueting, were served fruits and dessert on another table decorated with bundles of candles that made the atmosphere intimate and soft
A sincere thanks to Nunhems from all the team of Atmospherae catering for the magnificent banqueting. By 6sensi events.

with the use of candles and trays of apples as centerpieces

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