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mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

Wedding at Ca del conte

A wedding like this  you don't see everyday, thought in a location surrounded by greenery of a vast garden, on the edge of a swimming pool from the crystal clear water. Not to mention the majestic arrival of the bride on a helicopter and then aboard a cab decked out to duty with flakes of white tulle that led to the area of refreshment

Crostini, canapés, olive and every kind of finger food is what you could find in the aperitif buffet poolside, who opened the lunch marriage of two lovers
Equipment tables couldn't be candid and simple within the grandeur of the location.  A white tablecloth, fresh flowers like sunflowers as centerpieces, a very sober outfitting organized under the shade of white gazebo
For our newlyweds a table in the center of the scene, with the appearance of a real royal throne placed on a raised platform and embellished with floral decorations like the other tables. Also the wedding cake with cream and fruit had a solemn appearance and was crowned at the apex with small buds of white roses 
A sincere thanks from the staff of 6sensi and an authentic take on Wolf to groom for the long journey that awaits them together.

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