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lunedì 2 maggio 2011

Inauguration of Fabrizio De André 's little square

Inauguration of the De André's little square that took place in Aqua's local in Budrio, very acclaimed. A rich buffet of food and drink with fruits for this fantastic event that took place in Via Benni 1

A press conference held immediately after the inauguration of the enclosure in the local "Bevi Aqua Responsabilmente" of Luca Soldati and Giacomo Diamante. The participants, Budrio's inhabitants, they could used for the occasion of the opening of the local's outside space with his new outfits designed by aqua

Aspecial day for Aqua's local and made even better by Budrio's inhabitants. Luca e Giacomo remember you the Aqua's website, where you can see all the events and updates of the local.

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