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mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

Beautiful wedding at Villa La quiete di mezzana

Villa La Quiete di mezzana hosted the celebrations for the special day of a couple of newlyweds. In this beautiful venue, Atmospherae fine catering has realized a magic, sofisticated and fashionable evening.  

In the garden has been organized a space for the aperitif buffet, that welcomed the couple with appetizers, cold cuts, finger food, cheese, jam and other delicacies. Along with the buffet there was a table where were served different kinds of drinks. 

A second area, very lounge e welcoming, has been realized with comfortable Sofasoft (
seatings, candles and beautiful flower arrangements. 

And finally, another part of the wonderful garden was dedicated to the dinner, creating a contrast between the orange towels and the white elements of the arrangement. 

The evening had a theme: Bologna football club. That's why the scene was enriched with red and blue elements, as the wedding tables board and the placeholders.  

The evening, closed with a delicious and beautiful cake, had a good music backgroung. Besides the professional Dj, there was also a photographer (, who was immortalizing all the special moments of this special evening. 

Thanking the couple of newlyweds that has chosen Atmospherae fine catering, we remember you to visit the website and the Facebook page

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