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mercoledì 3 aprile 2013


Beautiful and elegant catering organized for the Mapei at the Pinacoteca di Bologna, suggestive location for an event unique and exciting.
Construction of class within a prestigious, refined selection of mini food to surprise both the palate and the service vista.Un elegant and simple to admire the works on display tasting quality food.

View of the beautiful room, the majesty of the works and the precious productions to create a unique atmosphere

Another corner of the room to see the accurate and elegant presentation
We are delighted to have been hosted at this wonderful location that has contributed to the success of the 'event
Selection of delicious mini food made ​​for the occasion by our Chef
finesse and class for a great presentation
Art and taste a perfect
attention to detail, mirrors turned into trays to enhance taste and beauty

our mini food

Pumpkin spiced with petals of toasted almonds

splendid service

delicious salads
Pearl barley with vegetables
Mix cereals fortified with toasted almonds and cream of vegetable chips

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