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giovedì 11 aprile 2013


The Sushi arrived in Italy for some years and initially condiderato a plate of "fashion", is becoming a real delicacy in the eating habits of Italians. great for a light lunch, a romantic dinner or for an elegant catering or buffet, a thousand are variants and possible presentations.
Then why not choose Italian sushi?Chef Gianfranco Grisi, a native of Rovereto (Trento) but for many years in Japan is making sushi with Selenium rice made in Italy! The idea, explains the chef-is born from the fact that more and more Italians love and eat sushi. Why not do it with Italian rice? And so, studied the pot, Selenium rice (cultivated from time at Lucedio) suitable to the preparation in combination with fish, vegetables, avocado, salmon, tuna ...Sushi in Japanese means "acid": refers to many dishes with rice, is often understood as raw fish and differs from the sashimi which is composed of only fresh fish.

There are many types of sushi as fillings and seals or as condiments with which li matches, then for those who love to cook should engage in the preparation with local products.

 ... and if you want to impress your friends or your customers during an event, birthday or any special situation to prepare the sushi we!Thanks to the skill of our Chef anything is possible!!!

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