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domenica 5 maggio 2013


Before the '60s was rife a form of thought according to which everything that is culturally and intellectually deep is even higher than what is popular instead. This condition begins to change already during the 50s when the democratization of many objects begin to make its presence felt.People can now afford to buy many products and this begins to affect also their way of thinking. By the 60s, with the economic boom and prosperity, the situation is completely reversed.
The intellectualism is not the only right lifestyle to the world, even what is popular can be artistically and intellectually interesting. This principle slowly begins to become more widespread as a direct result of bringing the birth of Pop Art, a cultural current that initially invades the field of art and music in the strict sense but gradually begins to spread to all areas of life
.The Pop Art comes in fact also change the style of dress of young people of the '60s and the way of furnishing their homes.

Under the influence of this cultural movement furniture and furnishings of the houses change shape and materials. Begin to be made ​​furniture with innovative and imaginative forms and solid colors neon bright and cheerful.
Even the fantasies especially the lines, polka dots and geometric patterns make their appearance in furnishing the 60s. The furnishings no longer have their usual appearance and change also becoming more sensual but at the same time even more violent.
The houses decorated in pop art style become modern houses, cheerful and sparkling where you can breathe a young and full of creativity.

Even the icons of cinema and music began to spread in the furnishings and with them the drawings of the comic world's most famous. Here then Betty Boop makes its appearance on the lamps and tables or Marylin Monroe is used for mobile phones and other knick-knacks or as an icon in the paintings. And so the decorations of every piece of furniture become fluorescent and they all just look like works of art in recent years. Fashion, art and design come together to create a culture of widespread popular and addictive.
The plastic material is undoubtedly the symbol of this style of furniture, a versatile material with which it is possible to truly realize any type of object, and particularly a material that can be produced with ease and at low cost. The design, even the most sought after, it becomes democratic.
It is, after all, the era of consumerism and all must therefore afford to express their personality.


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